Keynote – Dr. Melinda Milligan

Keynote speaker Dr. Melinda Milligan
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Melinda Milligan, Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, to the 2019 conference to deliver the Richard A. Grills Keynote Address in Historic Preservation.

Dr. Milligan is a leading researcher in the social psychology of historic preservation, particularly the study of place attachment and nostalgia.

Dr. Milligan’s keynote address is made possible through a generous grant from the Southeastern New England Educational and Charitable Foundation.

Salve Regina University gratefully acknowledges the Southeastern New England Educational and Charitable Foundation, whose support helped to this conference possible. Thanks to the foundation and Salve Regina’s dedicated faculty, students are able to learn the role of education the skills they need to embark on careers that preserve, restore and protect our treasured historical heritage.

Special thanks to the family of the late Richard Grills, founder of the SNEC. From his humble beginnings as a janitor, then plant manager, then owner of the Bradford Dying Association in Rhode Island, Mr. Grills was an ardent supporter of historic preservation and environmental conservation. Only a high-school graduate himself, Mr. Grills had a deep respect for a college education and so directed the efforts of the foundation to support those seeking advanced degrees. Salve Regina gratefully acknowledges the generous support of  Mr. Grills’ daughter, Sharon Grills Jackson, and her husband, author and Salve alumnus Stephen Leal Jackson ’15 (Ph.D.), both foundation trustees, through whom Mr. Grills proud legacy lives on.